Buying Guns Online

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Saving money with Eagle 21 Services

1.  You find and purchase your own firearm(s) on the Internet

  • Use one of my recommended sites OR
  • Buy it yourself on the Internet.
  • TONS of places offering Low Cost Firearms, like: Bud’s Gun Shop, Impact Guns, Palmetto State Armory, J&G Sales, or to name only a few of the BEST

2.  Contact me via email to inform me of what you purchased and who the Seller is. Don’t forget to include a good contact phone number for YOU and an email address/Fax number for the SELLER.

  • Can NOT ship a firearm directly to you from another state
  • Interstate firearm purchases must be sent SELLER-to-Dealer
  • I DO accept inbound firearms from Non-Dealers with 2 conditions:
  • Seller MUST enclose a copy of their Driver License AND Seller MUST attach a note stating WHO the firearm is for.

3.  No need to meet prior to your firearm arriving to initiate the required FBI Background Check (Brady bill).  (Texas LTC holders are exempt from Brady Checks)

4.  The ONLY time we should do a Background Check beforehand is IF you have been previously DELAYED by the FBI.  The FBI background check is valid for 30 days: That is enough time to finalize your purchase and arrange for delivery of your firearm(s) to Eagle 21 Services by which time your background checked should be approved.

5.  When your firearm(s) arrive, I log them into my inventory, and then I call you to come over to the house and we finish the remaining ATF paperwork.


  • Transfer Fee is $25 PER Firearm. Discounts for multiple sales on same ATF Form
  • I accept Cash, Check or Plastic (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover) No CC Fees.
  • Once ALL paperwork is completed, fees paid, and you are happy Saving money: You are out the door! Simple. Easy. Fast. Cheap. 100% Legal. 10 Minute Process!
  • STRAW PURCHASES (Buying a firearm for someone else because “they” can’t pass background check) WILL LAND YOU IN JAIL. Do not dishonor my house by attempting to circumvent the LAW. I am really good at uncovering deception……

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